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Helbreath Inferno Donation List

All armors bought are binded to its owner, so no trading is allowed and no borrowing items as well.

When you buy the armors, kindly state in the description box, which stats and which armor part you want and character name as well.

Kindly give the GM's maximum 24 hours to process your donations ( giving items to you ).

No CHARGED BACK is allowed, as once the funds is in, its auto paid to servers funds via monthly proportion.

All Donations goes to server funds to pay for the dedicated server and web hosting.

The GM's does not use the server funds for personal use.

Product Names Description Payment Amount
Angel Upgrade Upgrade from +10 to +15 USD 20 Each
Bind Items Undroppable Items USD 20 Each
10,000 BPS Trade Items USD 30
Change Name Change character name USD 5 Each
Armor Changing Change Sex of Armors USD 10 Each
Stones Upgrades from +10 to +15 USD 20 Each
Armor Stats HP91/MP91/DR91/MR91/PA39/MA39 USD 30 Each
Weapon Stats Hit Prob+77 / CAD+10 / CHD+10 USD 40 Each
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